Saturday, February 28, 2009

I will not. I won't. I'm not gonna do it. I can't

. . . become a digital "scrapbooker". I ca-aan't. I love the scrapbooks. My children love the scrapbooks.

But I have thought about it.

And was actually on my way to throwing in the towel on the concept of scrapbooking altogether because, I don't have any pictures in albums from 2008. None. Not. A. One.

I've got 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 all done. Completely documented and journaled and embellished with ribbons and brads and vellum and other random doo-dads. But for 2008, nada.

I took a lot of pictures. Somewhere in the realm of 8,982 if the counter on my camera is any indication. But I didn't print any of them. Well, I printed some just to have a photo or two of my baby, but really not much else. Just ask my MIL, who, bless her heart, has to practically beg for pictures of her grandchildren from her "photographer" daughter in law.

So where does this leave me? Wondering if I should just go digital altogether or just have the blog printed and let that count for 2008. Hmmm . . .

Then one day we drug a trunk up from the basement. It was empty, but I decided storing our current albums in there would be a better storage place than the cardboard box on my dining room floor. I know! I'm just full of crazy ideas, lately! And as I was transferring the heavy, photo laden books from their previous home in our dining room the kids saw me. Boy oh boy! You would've thought it was Christmas the way they were arguing over, I mean, leaping for the opportunity to look at those albums.

And then I knew. I can't go digital, and I can't print the blog as my lazy-girl's answer for memory collection. Because my children pored over those albums for hours. (And because I love excellent photo quality!)

So, I'm not going digital yet. But I have given myself a good kick in the pants, and I'm gonna start scrapping again. My rule of thumb has always been to start where you are and then go back. So I'm starting with 2009.

AND . . . to make the journey much easier, I've been going through my photo files for the past week. (Hence, no blogging). All my computer time has been spent deleting photos I'd like to forget I took. And also organizing my hard drives so printing all these pictures to put in albums is that much easier.

So, mommy4, this post is in response to your comment about "What am I doing with all my pictures? Do I still scrapbook?"

The answer is Yes!!! I still scrapbook! Just not 2008. And the pictures in this post are gonna be my very first two-page spread of the album.


mommy4 said...

WOW!! Thanks for making a whole blog about my question. It's funny I'm reading this today because my scrapping buddy just called me today and told me how much she liked her digital scrapbook she just received. I had a scrapbook closet but since we're selling our house it is back to a clothes closet. Reading this makes me want to scrap. I'll take your advice and start with this year and go back. That makes it seem so much more doable. Thanks. And I wish you were here so we could scrap together. Any plans on coming to visit? Maybe for the homeschool conference?

Kelly said...

WOW!!!! I'm so relieved! I don't think I could have taking another change from you. I'm still getting over the turkey. Seriously. :)
I actually do the opposite. I start where I left off. Then I get to go down memory lane and remember when my babies really were babies. tear.
I gotta say you took me down memory lane when you mentioned your scrapbooks. I think I looked at them just about every time I was at your house. You did such a great job on them!!!!

Ginger said...

Um, Jody, you print scrapbooks of what you create digitally. You don't have to choose. I just got my first Scrapblog in the mail and we all oooohed and ahhhhhed over it for a good half hour. They loved thumbing thru it!

Kelly said...

oh and I forgot to tell you that I love the new family picture. It doesn't look like you guys were sick at all!!! Love it!

rodiemom said...

Next Creative Escape is March 20 at the church from 6 to 11. Come join us if you dare!