Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back to Blogging

I'm ba-aa-a-ck! At least for today. Getting ready to go Christmas for the 5th time this year, but wanted to quickly check-in and say

Nope, I didn't drop off the face of the planet

Yep, I've been a little busy.

Here's a quick rehash of the past couple weeks:

We've been celebrating Christmas, baking Christmas, eating Christmas, wrapping Christmas, photographing Christmas, opening Christmas, singing Christmas, and recovering from Christmas.

I set out with great plans to not be "busy all the season" or "frantic" or "wrapping till wee hours of the morning".

I was not totally successful. Somewhat, but not totally.

But now I'll be back to blogging again.

Hope your Christmas was as Merry as ours!

And I promise a Redneck Reality Post later in the week that is sure to further open your eyes to another world. . . .

Which do you like, the full color or the de-saturated picture?


Edward and Gretchen said...

Color, definitely color. I love the reds and greens, don't make them gray.

I have been faithfully and patiently waiting. I'm so glad you're back. Can't wait to catch up with you.


Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

I vote full color too. :) Yahoo!! I just got online's time for me to send a friendly reminder to my pal Jody that it's time to start blogging again...lo and behold..HERE YOU ARE! :) Missed you my friend! Your family is just too stinkin sweet!!!

Vicki said...

It is SOOOOOOO about time!!! I like the colors but the other picture is cool too. Whatever you choose will be the best you are the Photographer!!!