Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Here's My Husband

This is my husband. Oh, you can't see him? Neither have I!!!!! But I'm not griping about harvest. In fact, I love harvest!

I love how seeds always work. I mean, they really do just always come up out of the ground and do their thing! And I'm thankful we've got to be part of harvest on the farm for two years now. What great experiences for all of us! And I know Mark has really appreciated working so close to his dad. Let's all thank Mark's Dad for a great job opportunity! Thanks Dad! We love you!!!
And you've got a really cool combine!

But we do miss seeing the Husband and Daddy around here. We'll all be thankful for many reasons when all the crop has come out of the field. Pray for sunshine!


shipra said...

Wow, you guys are REALLY doing the farming thing. I guess I didn't realize. What exactly do you farm? I thought his folks had a meat farm? We're in farm country here in Maine and this year we grew pumpkins in a small plot next to the in-laws house. The kids were over the moon when they saw the plants develop and the pumpkins start growing. We're soooo citified. When Raveen said that milk comes from a store, I knew if what time to change somethings !:) Next year I want to try grow tomatoes and hot peppers.

mommy4 said...

That's some piece of equipment. Does he grunt everytime he gets in it? I know you miss him, but what an example to the boys on how hard men really work. I love Tino's rugged, rough, worn hands, their so beautiful.

Richard said...

I love the photo Jody... i feel like I'm right there... and i better get out the way !!!!

Richard said...

Above...Karen said - not Richard !! I keep doing that :)