Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Parade

No, it's not 1957. This is yesterday's Labor Day Parade in Small Town, America.

This, folks, is how we roll to the Labor Day Parade in Small Town, America.

And this, folks, is how you can recognize that it's Small Town, America.

Here's another fine example of the parade participants.
I'm proud to say my Grandmother is also 100, and soon to be 101 in October! But we did not choose to "parade" her down main street.
Here's Caleb being about as All-American as a kid can get.
Nike sandals, Gap shirt, ball cap and an American flag.

(Of course, all of those things were probably manufactured in third world countries in factories where the labor force is practically forced and people usually don't make a living wage and don't have a labor union to support them. But let's not think about that on Labor Day.)

Let's get back to the candy. About the candy. Have you ever thought how contradictory parade candy is? All their lives, we (I) tell kids not to eat anything off the ground. But on parade day, moms (read: me) cheer their kids on to glean from the asphalt and eat until their tongues turn blue. Hmmmm. . .

More from the highlight real . . .

And Luke's response:Wow.

This is my little darlin' who enjoyed the marching bands and . . . that's about it.
Until I whipped out the bottle. Then she liked 2 things. :)

God bless America.


Kelly said...

That was such a sweet blog. I really felt like I was there with you watching old people go down the street and tractor and tractor following them. Looks like you had fun. BTW- the kids are too cute for words!!!!

The Mommy Blawger said...

Those photos look just like the July 4th parades we try to go to in Monticello, Iowa, about every other year. Grampy goes uptown about 8am and sets out some lawn chairs along main street, and when we arrive at the parade a few hours later, there they are, waiting for us. Lots of antique tractors, and pretty much every emergency vehicle in the county.

Jody said...

Kelly, you sure missed out at the Labor Day Parade! You'll have to come visit for Veteran's Day!

mommy blawger, now that's a whole other kind of small town if you can leave your lawn chairs on main street!