Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Bridge

It's a bitter, breezy 40 degrees here today, but I was swinging through some pictures from earlier in the year and found these of Caleb over Labor Day weekend. We were at a park my family frequented in my childhood. So fun to be there and smell the old familiar smells: musty woods and semi-stagnant water. To hear the old familiar sounds: children laughing in the swimming pools and mommies yelling at their kids to "climb up the ladder not the slide!" Well, this park overlooks a lake, where there's a huge, old, suspension bridge. Emphasis on the OLD and the SUSPENSION. The date on the top of the bridge actually says 1928.

It's a l-o-n-g way across. At least it seemed to me like it was when I was little. Caleb didn't seemed phased by the length of the path suspended above water by 90 year old cables.

He looked downright jolly as he began his exploration to the land of the other side.

But when he got to about here, I decided to go out on the bridge too, so my 'subject' wouldn't be so far from the camera. But just like when I was a little girl, about half way across the bridge starts to shake, wobble, sway and generally do a lot of moving! So I got half way out, and turned around to come back! When Caleb saw me going back, he almost plowed me over in his quest to reach the solidity of earth. My son and I are not into suspension bridges. They're really cool to look at, kind of cool to pose in front of, but not cool at all to walk across.

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