Saturday, June 7, 2008

Do you empty your pockets?

I was trying to catch up on a little picture taking now that I'm beginning to feel better again. It was a nice, warm overcast day so I took the boys out to try to take some pictures of them. It's been hard for me to get a great, smiley picture of both of them on the same day in the same light. It doesn't matter to some people, but when I hang their "formal portraits" on the wall at Grandma's house I like for them to coordinate. I know, I've got issues.

Anyway, I did that, had some space left on my camera so I grabbed my baby girl and plopped her down in the grass to show off her new sitting up skills. Got a couple sweet, baby girl shots. Had to change memory cards in the middle which is always a pain when you're outside. Did you know you should NEVER change the cards in your camera outside? If you absolutely must, you should do it inside a big ziploc bag. It's hard to believe, but the dust in the air can really mess up the sensors on your camera. Now, I didn't actually do that, but really, you should.

So the next morning I sat down at my computer to download the pictures. After emptying the first card, I remembered I left the other card in the pocket of my camo capris which I conveniently left on the floor in the bathroom. But wait, no, I just cleaned up the bathroom floor and actually took them to the laundry room. Then at the last minute decided to throw my camo capris in with the load. Can you tell where this is going? The memory card was in the pocket of my pants in the washing machine. Ugh!!!


But with a flickering of hope, I dig the card out of the wash and attempt to blow dry the card. You never know! Maybe this will just dry out the microchip and everything will be good. Sometimes I'm a really good optimist.

I put the card into the reader and wait to see what will happen. The lovely computer attempts to "scan and recover potentially damaged files". Sounds like progress. Hope continues to flicker.

The card files open and this is what they look like:

$$$__$$ and $$...___$ and $__$$__

No pictures. And in place of my adorable twin shots and baby girl the villainous computer taunts me with files all filled with dollar signs! Like it somehow knows I'm about to spend $200 on a memory card!!

Wish I had some cute photos to add to this post. They were on the card.


Ginger said...

I feel your pain!
I've actually done that before. Found my memory card in the dryer. (Didn't know I had washed it.) Believe it or not, I popped it in the computer and all my pics were still there! Shocking!
Maybe I got more grace cuz I don't take nearly as many pics as you do. LOL!

mommy4 said...

oh no, lo siento!! Just a little Mexican comin out!!