Saturday, May 3, 2008

I love this Girl!

So here's my firstborn daughter. And here's the thing, everybody thinks their own kids are cute. So I'm not going to leave you with just a general, 'Isn't she adorable?!' kind of post. Instead I'm gonna tell you why I love this photo of my beautiful daughter.

1. The messy hair with a braid from 3 days ago. But she wants to keep it in because to her it's still beautiful.

2. Pink. The girl would wear pink every day of her own will and volition. Though the photo doesn't show it, she's wearing a pink dress, a pink coat, striped pink tights and pink galoshes.

3. The cute smile that says, I'm sorta shy, yet I really hope this is a good picture.

4. Her squinty eyes. She's got these baby blue eyes that just can't stand sunlight. EVERY picture of her outside has squinty eyes. I heard that blue eyes are more sensitive to light. Anyone care to confirm or deny?

4. The raw beauty that shines through the mundane day and normal surroundings. (If you consider plucking feathers out of a turkey in the backyard mundane and normal. . . . Bet you can't wait for the next Redneck Reality?!)

Honestly, this is one of my favorite pictures of Claire to date. It will definitely go on the wall at my new Old House!


Kelly said...

Sweet girl.
There are a few things I want to say 1st - Love the messy hair look. If you can pull it off go for it
2nd - in my experience blue eyes are more sensitive. I always have my sunglasses on
3rd - I just have to mention and whole plucking feathers thing. WHAT?!
I can't believe she did it and even more shocking - the look of pure joy on her little face! CRAZINESS I tell you!

Ginger said...

I have blue eyes and I don't ever go outside without my sunglasses.
Beautiful pic of your Claire!