Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Adventures with Uncle BJ: Fishing, Part II

Finally, I'm getting back to telling all about our great adventure with Uncle BJ.
So where we left off was with Mark kissing the first fish and me taking lots of pictures and neglecting the children.

Mark with fish

Babies neglected

But I did put my camera down to actually interact with the kids. When I did that, my delightful sister-in-law, M, (also an avid photographer) picked it up and put me in some photos.

Here's me proving that I haven't picked up a fishing pole for 15 years.
Really, truly that is an embarrassing shot. I don't know how a person is supposed to cast, but I'm sure that's not it. Actually, I know that's not it because the hook landed approximately 32 inches in front of my left foot. Instead of half way across the pond like my brother's.

So, after my kids realized I couldn't actually get the hook in the water, they stopped asking me for help and turned back to Uncle BJ. And I resumed my role as cheerleader.

Here's Luke with his great catch, and me by his side encouraging him to keep reeling it in.

However, this is me briefly leaping over into photographer mode with my oh so subtle, "Are you getting this?" look to sister behind the camera.

But I quickly return to cheerleader mode and bubble with excitement for Luke's prized catch.

And I know, we need to take a break and discuss my hair. Yes, I realize it has no product in it. It's a large, frizzy, overwhemling mass encompassing my face and half my back. And it was soooo hot, I couldn't stand it, but I forgot my hair thing! Or lost my hair thing. Or someone stole the hair thing out of my pocket. All I know is we got on the fishing trip where I was planning to put my hair up all to no avail because I couldn't find a hair thing. Or even a pencil!

? You ask, didn't I just put it up before we left? Because I knew we were going to be driving for about an hour before we got there and I was hoping to relax a little with my eyes closed while Mark drove and our four lovely children listened to Bible Adventures on a CD. And do you know how uncomfortable it is to try to lay your head back on a minivan headrest with a ponytail in it? VERY uncomfortable. But because I was planning to put it up I neither put any de-frizzing product in it or bothered to do anything else with it. Hence, pictures with frizzy, huge hair.

And I'm not wearing makeup, besides yesterday's mascara. There. I've posted un-edited bad pictures of me. This helps me stay humble. And for the few of you who've emailed saying, "Looks like you've got it all together. Wish I was like that." Listen, babe, we're all just doin' the best we can. And the best I could that day was day-old eyes and frizzy hair. Just tellin' it like it is.

But enough about me, let's look at this beauty instead.
This is my adorable niece. Uncle BJ's daughter. She's still getting used to the fishing thing.

This is her "catching a fish with daddy". Notice she's about 5 feet away from the fishing pole.

She's thinking, "Mommy, I'm not so sure about this."

Then when Uncle BJ actually catches the fish she RUNS away as fast as she can. No, he's not actually chasing her with it. But it sure looks that way! :)

She's saying, "Nooooo, noooo, noooo" during this picture. I'm telling you, she's ADORABLE.

One of the few secrets about Uncle BJ that not many people know is that he's a really good dancer. And he uses his moves no matter what he's doing.

Here he is with Salsa arms.

That boy's got some moves!

And here he is with his super studly pink Barbie pole that lights up when you cast.

Okay, I must stop jesting about Uncle BJ. He's so fabulous and I want him to take us again, so I'll stop.

Here's the glorious result of our Adventure with Uncle BJ.
Three kiddos proud as punch about their catch!

And here's my boy, looking like a boy instead of my baby. Something about this just tugs at my heart.

Thanks Uncle BJ for taking us on our fishing adventure! And Aunt M for the wiener roast! And Miss Adorable for being so much fun to be with! We love you!


Kelly said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun pulling God's little fishes out of there homes on hooks!!! haha ( sorry, still not over the turkey yet)
By the way, I hope someday I look that good in left over makeup and frizzy hair!! I see why you have 4 kids!! You look great! I miss seeing your face. Take more Jody pictures! I like them!

Mark & Jody said...

You are too kind, Kelly! Miss you too!