Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where have I been? And what have I been doing?!

So many of you have emailed me personally wondering why I suddenly, without warning stopped blogging. And since I resumed, why it's so sporadic?

So here's our little heart to heart chat. The death of my friend's baby has really had a profound effect on me. Not sent me into depression, but has affected so much of my life. I feel like God has made a small part of her pain real to me and I've spent much of my energy in prayer for them. Blogging anything after posting the poem about him, just didn't feel right.

And then, after you've been away for so long, what do you write about? I really didn't feel like my funny, sometimes irrational and usually sarcastic self. So I tried to start up again without saying anything and just hoping I could go on. But I wasn't very successful.

In the meantime, we also bought our new Old House. Remodeling, renovation, reconstruction, and some of my retarded ideas take up a lot of time! And scraping and steaming 7 layers of wallpaper off the walls takes some time, too.

So thank you to the faithful who have still been checking my blog and emailing me daily saying, 'I checked your blog. Again. When are you gonna write something?' And don't you worry, I've got another Redneck Reality coming up soon. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I think I'm back now.

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