Thursday, February 7, 2008

LifeSavers: Things to Pray about

Generally, this blog is going to be upbeat and fun to read because it's mine, and I can do anything I want to-- I mean, because it gives me a creative outlet to express the mundane which makes me smile, even if it means nothing to rest of you.

But you know somedays just aren't like that. Some days I need a little help. So if you've ever laughed at one of the silly realities that is my life, or thought , "Preach it, girl" or were just a tiny bit distracted from your own daily trials while immersed in my blog, this is where you can give back. So when you see the LifeSavers topic, start talking to God. Get all your own issues delt with so you have a clean conscience when you ask Him for the help I need. :)

So here's the first one. . .

My nephew, T. is in the hospital with RSV. He's only 2 months old, born 3 days after Lydia. Please pray for him. He was transferred last night to a bigger, better hospital about 45 miles away.
His older sister, M. is fighting the same thing. Pray they both recover without complications.

See how easy that is? Thanks!

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Ginger said...

We will be praying! Thanks for starting this.