Monday, January 7, 2008


So today, as we were homeschooling, Claire was reading a variety of words to me and came across the word, "thing". She said, "Mommy, what does that mean?" I was a little shocked and thought it must be slow reading comprehension and I replied, "You know what thing means. . . everything, something, that thing over there." With a very quizzical and you-must-be-crazy look she replied, "No, Mommy, that word is thang . . . everythang, somethang, that thang over there."

It was then that I truely understood the consequence of having raised a daughter in Texas for six years. She could not be convinced that thing is actually spelled with an 'i' because she's learned to pronounce it with an 'a'.

It's a good thing we caught this soon. How do all ya'll in Texas ever teach your kids phonics?!!

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Ginger said...

That's funny! I've actually not had that issue. There's a difference between Texan and hick; have you been gone that long??